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41 in Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount Brackets

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100% secure shopping Reliable warranty One on one service

BougeRV 41" Adjustable Tilt Mount Brackets

The Mounting Brackets Tilts Rack is compatible with BougeRV 180W/200W solar panels, ECO-WORTHY Solar Panels, Renogy 160w solar panels, and the other brands, the power of the panel is recommended to go with 100W to 300W.

  • Adjustable solar panel mounting brackets designed for off-grid solar systems.
  • A great addition for use on top of an RV or other flat surface.
  • Quick assembly with stainless steel fasteners and precise hole placement.


41 INCH Solar Panel Tilt Mounting Bracket
Aluminum Mounting Rails*4
Aluminum Tilt Angle Bracket*2
Steel Knob Bolt*6
Steel Wing Nut*6
Steel Flange Nut*4
Steel Split Lock Washer*4
Steel Flat Washer*4
Steel Hex Bolt*4
Steel Self-tapping Screws*6
Plastic Retaining Ring*6

Product specifications

Length:41*2.76*1.97 inch
Material:Aluminum alloy
Suitable for:100W 150W 180W 200W 300W solar panels




For RV

For Housing

For outdoor