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    Learn more about roof rack

    Car roof racks are a type of accessory that can be attached to the roof of a car to carry extra luggage, equipment, or recreational gear. Depending on your requirements, you can use a roof rack to accommodate a diverse array of cargo.

    Roof rack systems vary in their design and brand, you can install roof racks for cars according to the instructions. However, the installation process of BougeRV roof rack cross bars is incredibly easy and straightforward, with a perfect fit and immediate usability. Simple instructions and installation videos make the process a breeze.

    The most effortless method of strapping a kayak onto a car is by having two people. You can follow these five steps: position the kayak straps onto the roof rack; position your kayak onto the roof bars; bring the straps over the canoe; secure the kayak straps; roll up and tie the kayak straps securely.

    Yes, you can add a roof rack to a Kia Sorento. Roof racks for cars offer an excellent solution for storing items and maximizing the cargo space inside your vehicle. Roof bars offer additional storage for bigger items.

    The reason why roof racks bars so expensive is that the premium and sturdy materials that can last for up to 5-7 years. Additionally, their efficient aerodynamic design is another factor that contributes to their expensive cost. The price of a high-end roof rack for cars can reach thousands of dollars.

    The BougeRV roof rack cross bars are designed to be compatible with universal, making them suitable for use on any vehicle that has either separate rails or integrated rails with grooves. You can get one universal roof rack at the price of $189.

    Although roof racks and roof rails share similarities, the primary distinction lies in their mounting direction onto your vehicle. The roof rails are parallel to the length of the vehicle, extending from the hood to the trunk, while the roof racks are perpendicular to the car, extending from the driver's side to the front passenger's side. It is important to note that roof rails are usually installed by the manufacturer during production, while roof racks are typically added on as an aftermarket accessory once the vehicle has been purchased.

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