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    Learn more about Solar Generator

    Solar generator is an efficient, portable and clean energy solution. It combines a large portable capacity charging station (essentially a super large battery) with a group of portable solar panels to form a multi-functional device. BougeRV solar generator can provide stable power supply for your camper, RV or power failure in case of emergency. Shop solar generators for sale today.

    First, the solar panel will absorb solar energy under the sunlight, then the internal converter will turn the solar energy into electricity stored in the charging station, and finally the charging station will power your devices and appliances by releasing the stored electricity.

    It is not difficult to maintain the portable solar generators, but just like maintaining other large electrical equipment, you should follow some rules to ensure that your solar generator is reliable and safe. After you buy a solar generator, the first thing you should do is to charge the battery and check the battery power every other month, even if they were not used much last month.

    In most cases, the solar generator cannot supply power for the equipment in your entire house. Although this may be possible in the future, in the current market, the solar powered generator can only supply power for several key equipment in your house. Never expect the solar generator to supply power for all equipment in your house for a long time. If you want to power all the equipment in the house, you can consider installing roof solar panels, which may meet this demand.

    Of course, the solar generator can receive the light reflected by the cloud layer to generate electricity in overcast days, and the output power at this time is about 10-25% of the normal power generation. The specific value depends on the thickness of the cloud layer. Of course, it is better to use portable solar generators in sunny days.

    Generally speaking, the power of the solar generator is enough to meet the output demand of the refrigerator. For example, a 1500wh rated solar generator can support small household appliances, freezers and refrigerators, but cannot be used for a long time at the same time. If you want to use it for a long time, you can consider purchasing 2000wh or more power.

    The service life of most solar generators is about 25 years. If you can properly maintain them, they can run for a longer time. The BougeRV after-sales team will also provide you with the warranty period. If there is a problem with portable solar power generator, you can contact us in time.

    Yes, a BougeRV solar generator can power an RV. But the solar generator's battery capacity and power output should accommodate your RV's total needs. BougeRV FORT 1500 perfectly works if you want to power an RV air conditioner or heavy-duty devices. On the contrary, you can choose a smaller, more lightweight, and compact BougeRV FORT 1000 and BougeRV NCM is enough.