15A Solar Fuse Holder


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Why would I need BougeRV 15A SOLAR FUSE?

  • PHOTOVOLTAIC FUSE: This solar fuse is a great added protection for your solar panel, solar controller, and other appliances of your photovoltaic system. It will quickly interrupt the circuit once the fuse's rated amperage is exceeded, which can avoid damage to the photovoltaic appliances.
  • EASY INSTALL and STABLE: Suitable for most solar connectors, plug, and play. With the built-in lock on the male connector, this solar inline fuse connector can keep stable work outdoors. Made with quality PPO, this solar fuse connector is resistant to UV and aging.
  • WATERPROOF: With an IP67 protection degree waterproof ring on the male connector, this solar fuse connector can keep you worry-free for rainy days.
  • DEDICATED PV FUSE: Certified by TÜV and CE, this solar fuse connector is a great choice to protect against a power surge. With the solar connector on two ends, there is the ceramic fuse tube in the middle, it is suitable for solar panels, solar cables, and solar controllers.

BougeRV 15A Solar Inline Fuse Connector Specification:

Dimension: 5.1 × 0.71 × 0.71 inch
Weight: 45g/1.59oz
Ambient temperature range: -40℉ to 194 ℉(IEC)
Degree of protection: IP67
Contact material: Copper tin-plated
Insulation material: PPO
Locking system plug connectors: Snap-in
Flame class: UL94-HB / UL94-V0

Rated voltage: 1000V DC (IEC)/800V DC (UL)
Rated current: 15A
The contact resistance of plug connectors: 0,5 mΩ
Cable Size: 2.5 mm², 4 mm², 6 mm²(10awg, 11awg, 12awg, 13awg)


There is an IP67 protection waterproof ring on the male connector, keep stable working from rainy days.


Ceramic tube, filled with fine quartz sand. Can cut the circuit in no time when the power surge occurs.


With the built-in lock on the male connector, this solar fuse can keep stable working outdoors at all hours.