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Detachable Battery of Portable Fridge
Detachable Battery with WIRELESS POWER SUPPLY
installation steps of Detachable Battery
15600mAh capacity
charging time of Detachable Battery
Detachable Battery of Portable Refrigerator (Pre-Order)  Delivery starts in Mid-June BougeRV
Detachable Battery of Dual-Zone Portable Fridge

Detachable Battery of Dual-Zone Portable Fridge

$199.99 Regular price

The BougeRV Fridge Battery is the perfect companion for your portable fridge, providing reliable power on-the-go. This detachable battery is designed to work seamlessly with BougeRV portable fridges, offering extended operating time and ensuring your food and beverages stay cool for longer periods. With its high-capacity and efficient performance, this battery is ideal for camping trips, road trips, and outdoor adventures.
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