12V Portable Refrigerator


Upgrade to one of our 12V portable refrigerators or combination fridge/freezer!!
Great adventures don’t include soggy sandwiches and spoiled food. Our 12V portable refrigerators plug into your car or wall outlet to keep your groceries fresh, and beverages cold! For a longer road trip or extended stay, consider a dual-temperature 12V fridge/freezer and say goodbye to melted ice cream and defrosted frozen foods. Our 12V portable refrigerators and dual-temperature zone fridges/freezers are compatible with our Power Station and Solar Panels. Your days of lugging bags of ice are over!

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"With our epic 12V Portable Refrigerator, you can enjoy refreshing cold beers with friends and family on the beach,in the woods, or in any gorgeous park! "

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Portable refrigerators are more cost-effective than coolers

"Compared to iceboxes and coolers, our Portable Refrigerators provide a longer-lasting cooling experience supported by their reliable AC System, enduring power grid, and user-friendly App design."

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