8ft 10 AWG Wire Copper Tray Cable


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Package included

1 x 3.5 Feet SAE Extension Cable
1 x Polarity Reverse Connector

  • SAE CABLE: 10AWG 3.5 Feet/106 cm pure copper wire,2 pins, the red wire is for positive and black wire for negative, The whole harness is heavy-duty, thick, and durable.
  • UNIVERSAL SAE CONNECTORS: Standard terminals, quick connect/disconnect. One SAE input with one SAE outlet, compatible with standard SAE ports.
  • WIDELY USED: For expansion and maintenance of most batteries and chargers with SAE quick release connectors. Widely used in a variety of batteries, solar panels, motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATV, RV, traction motors, tractors, and other equipment that requires SAE plugs
  • WITH DUSTPROOF CAP: Protect the SAE connector from raindrop and dust. Which will stay clean and dry inside.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE: 3.5FT SAE extension cable and TWO SAE polarity reverse adapters.

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