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    Learn more about 12V electric cooler

    Basically, there’re 2 types of coolers: Powered coolers and non-powered coolers.

    Powered coolers so as compressor coolers and thermoelectric coolers, can maintain your food and drinks chilled without needing ice. They're really great choices for outdoor use for multiple days. In BougeRV, we offer types of powered electric coolers of different sizes for picnics, camping, road trip, and outdoor events.

    Non-powered coolers, like basic coolers and camper ice boxes, are usually for casual use for short hours. They don’t have much insulation but will work if you’ll be out for only a few hours.

    There are mainly two types of portable electric coolers: compressor and thermoelectric. Both of them provide the benefit of never needing ice to maintain your food and drink chilled. Compressor coolers can get food and drinks to freezing. Thermoelectric coolers can also often heat the contents, but they won't get your food and beverages down to freezing temps.

    Whether fishing, hunting, boating for hours or camping, RVing for a longer time, etc., you can find 10+ types of BougeRV compressor electric coolers with portable designs ranging from 23 Quarts to 59 Quarts that can cool and freeze your food and drinks.

    An electric cooler is a portable refrigerator that uses an electric compressor to cool and maintain a consistent temperature. Its compressor runs on a battery or power source, such as AC or DC power or solar panels. Electric coolers don't need ice so you can have more space for your comestibles.

    A 12V cooler or a 12V portable fridge is any powered cooler that can be plugged into the 12V outlet in your vehicle. Compressor coolers and thermoelectric coolers can be regarded as 12V coolers when they can be run off your vehicle’s 12V outlet.

    A 12V cooler never needs ice. Being powered, it can keep a consistently cold temperature.

    Yes! Electric coolers are an excellent investment. They maintain your food fresh when on the road and keep food and drinks chilled and even frozen. So, you'll never have melted ice and a soggy mess in the bottom. The electric coolers can achieve and keep sub-zero temperatures.

    Yes, the BougeRV electric cooler freezer can be powered by both AC and DC power, making it perfect for use in cars, RVs, and other vehicles.

    An electric cooler like a BougeRV cooler will keep food cold indefinitely if you keep it charged. In the case of RVs and trucks, that means if you're driving most days, you can keep the coolers charged for weeks on end.

    No, the BougeRV electric cooler freezer operates quietly thanks to its advanced electric compressor technology. You can enjoy fresh food and drinks without any loud noises disturbing your outdoor experience.

    Yes, the BougeRV electric cooler is designed for easy cleaning with removable shelves and compartments. Simply wipe down the interior and exterior with a damp cloth, and you're ready to go.

    Most products need somewhere between 50 and 100 watts of power. When Using BougeRV fridge cooler in the ECO mode, the working power is less than 45W. And in MAX mode, the power consumption is far less than 1kWh per day.

    Yes, BougeRV offers a two-year warranty for their electric coolers. If you experience any issues within the warranty period, you can contact their customer support for assistance.

    Vast types of electric coolers are available. BougeRV electric coolers in compact size or dual-zone coolers in large capacity are helpful to keep your food and drinks chilled when you're camping solo or with family!

    BougeRV portable electric coolers are born for camping trips, boating, fishing, hunting, RV trips, trucks, outdoor picnics, events, etc. Boasting quality built, completing with quick cooling ability, highly portable electric cooler with wheels or coolers with portable handles, BougeRV coolers are highly flexible to freeze your food and drinks. They can be powered in multiple ways including by solar panels, making them the perfect choice for outdoor and off-grid use.

    We guarantee a reliable warranty and after-sale services. We're always ready to help you with questions about our products.

    You can choose the right electric cooler freezer by considering:
    1. The purpose for which you usually use the electric cooler, like camping, road trips, tailgating, boating, or just regular home use. Knowing the purpose will make it easier to narrow down the features and sizes that best suit your needs.

    2. If you want a cooler that will cool and freeze despite the outdoor or indoor temperature, BougeRV compressor electric coolers are the best coolers to buy. A compressor cooler can freeze despite the ambient temperature, while a thermoelectric cooler doesn't.

    3. The size. For weekend camping with 2 to 3 families or friends, BougeRV 48 to 60 qt. coolers are enough to store the food and drinks you need. And it's necessary to buy one that has wheels so that you can take it away easily. For days trip, consider buying a cooler smaller than 40qts.

    4. The cooling performance of the electric cooler freezer. Our coolers have advanced compression refrigeration technology ensuring they cool food rapidly in a few minutes. Plus, they won't disturb you when you're enjoying the landscape.

    5. The cooler should be compatible with the type of power source you have access to. Our coolers can be charged via a car battery, wall outlet, or solar panel.

    6. The energy consumption of the electric cooler freezer. An energy-efficient cooler will save on electricity costs and put less strain on your vehicle's battery when connected to it. Our coolers are defined by the electricity-saving mode. Moreover, they can be powered by solar panels!

    BougeRV offers accessories for coolers:
    1. 220WH portable power station for fridges
    2. detachable battery
    3. 110~240V AC power cord for portable fridge
    4. universal portable fridge slide
    5. portable car fridge cover
    6. 140L outdoor foldable wagon