BougeRV, as a renewable energy brand, its long-term vision is to provide an energy solution for sustainable outdoor activities.

Limitless energy, limitless life.

The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the whole world’s energy needs. While BougeRV provides high-efficiency solar energy to power your life and “all in one” solutions for a more environmental and cost-effective journey. Whether it's exploring nature or enjoying the outdoors, being alone, or spending time with family, we should full with passion, embrace an active life.

BougeRV goes wherever you go:

We power your home and your car,
We carry your gear and luggage,
We keep your food and water fresh,
We shelter you from the sun and rain...

When you go camping with family,
When you live in a mobile home,
When you have a long journey ...
BougeRV is always in your accompany.

Explore nature when tired. There is nothing to fear.