200W Flexible Solar Panel(Delivery starts in July 2022)


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CIGS Technology

CIGS, which stands for copper indium gallium selenide, is a thin-film technology. Unlike silicon-based thin-film solar, CIGS thin-film is more flexible, stable, durable, light sensitive, and lasts much longer. Therefore, the more expensive investment in CIGS can actually make you more worry-free and have higher long-term benefits.

Super Flexibility

The 200w cigs flexible solar panel can be wound at multiple angles (360°) to accommodate curved structures, flexible for all surfaces. Dislike the rigid one, a cigs flexible solar panel can match perfectly to the curve surface such as yachts and RVs.

Stable Output& High Conversation Rate

Due to the advantage of the series-parallel combination of its own components, a single leaf or shadow won't stop the cigs solar panel to absorb the sunlight. That means stable output can be guaranteed in shadow occlusion environments and weak light conditions.

Lightweight& Easy installation

Flexible solar panels are lighter than any rigid solar panels. Only 1/4 weight of the normal rigid 200W solar panel.  No aluminum frame and no mounting bracket are required for a 200W flexible solar panel. Since the CIGS Solar Panel is average 70% lighter and 95% thinner than the rigid panel, it is quite portable. And each of our 200W flexible solar panel is equipped with tape on the back, it can be easily and securely installed where you need it without drilling holes or any brackets.


We are proud to say, we have corporate with MiaSolé company which is the most advanced enterprise in the entire thin-film solar cell technology at present. They make the most quality flexible solar panels on the market. That's why we can confirm we make the best 200w flexible solar panel.


Water resistance is essential to the outdoors. It will prevent the dangerous damage to solar panels when camping, in your RV, or roof when expose to the outside is inevitable. Our 200w flexible solar panel is deeply IP68 waterproof. Therefore, you can use it without any concerns in a wet environment outdoor and get a relatively stable output.

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