CIGS 200W Thin-Film Solar Panel


The cigs flexible solar panel is built for outdoor living, especially for RVers and boat users. They can suit the surface the normal rigid solar panel can't. And you can have peace of mind about its working efficiency. Take a 200w flexible solar panel and not be afraid of extreme weather and support your brave journey.
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What is CIGS Thin-film Tech?

  • CIGS stands for copper indium gallium selenide.
  • It is a thin-film solar cell technology, which is unlike silicon-based solar cells, the CIGS thin-film solar cells are more flexible, stable, durable, light-sensitive, and last much longer. 
  • Therefore, investing in CIGS may provide you with more peace of mind and long-term benefits.

Why choose BougeRV CIGS Flexible Solar Panel?

  • 360° Truly Flexible:
    We use CIGS Thin-film solar cells, which can achieve 360° curvature but no cracks to fit all kinds of roofs. Our aim is to let you have not only good products but also good services : )
  • More Stable Output:
    In partial shade or in low-light conditions, the output of CIGS solar panels remains stable, about twice that of monocrystalline solar panels. Therefore, choose our CIGS solar panels to provide higher stability for your off-grid photovoltaic system : )
  • Charge anywhere during the Travel:
    BougeRV CIGS solar panel is perfect to get a start in solar, great for off-grid applications. Use it for your RV/Van/Truck/Trailer, the CIGS panel provides you with the most stable efficiency per space. Never worry again, there is suddenly no electricity for lighting by the beautiful lake : )
  • Thanks to wire-intensive CIGS tech, BougeRV CIGS Flexible Solar Panel is more stable than the monocrystalline solar panel.
  • As a result, it will gather more energy while partly shaded or in low-light conditions. (about double the output)

Flexible but No Crack

Perfect for the Outdoors

Easy to Carry

Easy to Install