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28 in Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount Brackets with Foldable Tilt Legs


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100% secure shopping Reliable warranty One on one service

BougeRV 28" Adjustable Tilt Mount Brackets

The Mounting Brackets Tilts Rack is compatible with BougeRV 100w solar panels, Renogy 100w solar panels, and the other 50 watt~150 watts brands, the power of the panel is recommended to go with 50W to 150W.

  • Adjustable solar panel mounting brackets designed for off-grid solar systems.
  • A great addition for use on top of an RV or other flat surface.
  • Quick assembly with stainless steel fasteners and precise hole placement.


28IN Adjustable Tilt Mount Brackets
Aluminum Mounting Rails*4
Aluminum Tilt Angle Bracket*2
Steel Knob Bolt*6
Steel Wing Nut*6
Steel Flange Nut*4
Steel Split Lock Washer*4
Steel Flat Washer*4
Steel Hex Bolt*4
Steel Self-tapping Screws*6
Plastic Retaining Ring*6

Product specifications

Length:28.34*2.76*1.97 inch
Material:Aluminum alloy
Suitable for:50W 75W 100W 150W solar panels




For RV

For Housing

For outdoor