BougeRV solar Generator

BougeRV is committed to providing the most efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable solar solutions to help you better solve your power problems on the road outdoors or in emergency .

What is a solar generator?

Solar generator is an efficient, portable and clean energy solution. It combines a large capacity charging station (essentially a super large battery) with a group of portable solar panels to form a multi-functional device. It can provide stable power supply for your camper, RV or power failure in case of emergency.

How does a solar generator work?

First, the solar panel will absorb solar energy under the sunlight, then the internal converter will turn the solar energy into electricity stored in the charging station, and finally the charging station will power your devices and appliances by releasing the stored electricity.

BougeRV Solar Generator VS. Generator

BougeRV Solar Generator

Nearly Silent

The only sound a portable power station make is the fan working.

Zero Emissions

A portable power station usually grabs power from the sun. All the by-product it produces is electricity.

Safely Use Indoors

Portable power stations are mainly for personal use; people can use at anywhere, for camping or at the house.

Recharged with solar for free

There is no need to worry about your portable power station walkout; as long as there is a sun, you can charge from the sun.

Diesel Generator


The power generation process will make loud and disturbing noises unless you stop using it.

Smelly & Air Pollution

For burning diesel to provide energy, the diesel will release waste gas, which is smelly and pollute the environment.

Only For Outdoors

Traditional generators are mainly used for outdoor construction, field activities, emergency power supply, etc.

Expensive fuel and oil

The housework of a diesel generator is fuel and oil, and it takes continuous money.

BougeRV Solar Generator Power Outdoors

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BougeRV Solar Generators

BougeRV 286W Solar Generator
BougeRV 286W Solar Generator


BougeRV 1100W Solar Generator Kits
BougeRV 1100W Solar Generator Kits


BougeRV 1100W Solar Generator
BougeRV 1100W Solar Generator