Best 10 Truck Camper Accessories You Must Have

May 28, '21

Best Truck Camper Accessories

The truck camper is not everything. It is still necessary to arm it, like a boat, with multiple pieces of equipment. All you equip for the truck camper won’t be very expensive, but practical in use. In this article, we have drawn up the list of top 10 recommended accessories for your truck camper in daily use (including in summer and winner).

Top 10 Truck Camper Accessories

1. Portable Refrigerator

Functioning like a domestic refrigerator, the compressor portable fridge is the ideal equipment for a truck/semi truck/truck camper that does not have a refrigeration unit. Compared to the absorption system, the Truck Camper Refrigerator has many advantages: operation without gas and production of constant cold even in very hot weather. BougeRV provides 12 Volt/24 Volt Compact and Portable Refrigerator in 22 L/28 L/40 L/50 L so that you can choose the suitable one for your truck. BougeRV Refrigerators are powerful, fast cooling and energy saving. It can achieve 15 minutes of fast cooling from 77°F to 32°F, protect the battery with its 3 stage battery protection and reduce power consumption & noise.

BougeRV Truck Camper Refrigerator

2. Solar Panel and MPPT Regulator

The solar panel appears to be an almost essential piece of equipment if you take long steps in the middle of nature. A 180 W solar panel is sufficient to boost the battery and use 12V devices such as the cooler, lights, heating, etc,. A monocrystalline panel has the advantage of offering the highest power yields although it is more expensive. In order to convert the received power into usable current and to avoid overloads, the purchase of a solar charger controller is necessary. Among the two types of existing solar controller (MPPT and PWM), the MPPT controller is the better one, which continually adapts to weather conditions and produces between 10% ~ 30% more current.

BougeRV Solar Charger Controller

3. Fully Duvalay Bed

This “two in one” product consists of a memory foam mattress wrapped in a duvet cover (135 × 200 cm) that opens into a portfolio, that is to say on one side and on foot. In this way, we avoid being exposed on the coldest side of the van. Once stored, this ready-made bed takes up little space. Optionally: it can be stored in place of the original pop-up roof mattress or rolled up and strapped in logs 29 cm in diameter by 66 cm wide. Also available in a double bed version (up to 200 x 200 cm).

4. Lithium Battery

The lithium battery shows outstanding performance in all areas, especially in recharge time, life, efficiency and energy density.

5. Multirails

This equipment makes it possible to quickly mount a light awning protecting from sun rays and heat. Just slide the canvas along the rail. It’s ideal as a stopover to provide living space for dining or lounging. Need to transport long and bulky items such as skis, boards, or even a kayak? The multirail is compatible with a roof rack which can be easily assembled and dismantled. Fixed with stainless steel screws and special glue, the multirail supports a load of 100 kg. The multirail also acts as a side gutter. No water running on the furniture when opening the side door. No more drainage through the side windows. For a better finish and increased efficiency, it suffices to glue a set of spoilers.

6. Additional Storage

In a semi truck, storage quickly becomes a puzzle. Fortunately, there is a very wide choice of useful solutions. Additional storage, especially those in the form of saddlebags, optimize space at low cost.

7. Sliding Door Mosquito Net

No need to go to the Camargue or Northern Europe to appreciate the advantages of a door mosquito net! Compact and relatively efficient, it follows two tracks along the sliding door; A more practical opening and closing system than that of net mosquito nets.

8. Insulating Shutters

Effective against the sun, the cold and prying eyes, the insulating interior shutters are part of the essential equipment for camping. If your vehicle does not have one, you should delve into the accessories catalogs.

9. Independent and Inflatable DWT Awning

A freestanding awning is often the key to a successful vacation. Attached to the side of the vehicle - sometimes on the tailgate - it significantly increases the living space and guarantees freedom of movement. Perfect for having both safe and secluded living and storage space without losing your site at the campsite.

10. Roof Canvas Protection

Three advantages to the roof canvas protection: it obscures the light and blocks the freshness at night, whatever the season. This second skin is very appreciable in the event of prolonged parking. In addition, it protects against dirt such as dripping pine resin.


For your camping and travelling, these 10 truck accessories will help you a lot and let you enjoy your trip.