53 Quart (50L) Fridge12/24 V DC or 110~220 V AC


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Why choose BougeRV 53 qt car refrigerator ?

  • With 53 Quart car refrigerator, you can hold up enough food to enjoy traveling, off-roading, camping, tailgating, even boating!
  • With a -4 ℉ low temp car freezer, you don't need to buy ice anymore, saving money and space, never dealing with the melting water.
  • With DC/AC portable refrigerator, you can power it up with a 12V CAR, SUV, VAN. PICK UP, or 24V SEMI-TRUCK, or 110~240v at home.
  • With a 45W low power consumption car fridge, you just use a little power to get a cool summer.
  • With a 45dB low noise fridge freezer, you can still have a good dream during the night.
  • With 3-level car battery protection portable fridge, you are no need to worry about draining out your battery.

You can choose the power source you like to start

At home, you can use it as a secondary refrigerator with AC power. When you're camping or enjoying some tailgating, this portable 12-volt refrigerator is come in handy and you just need to plug it into your car's lighter outlet or you can apply your solar systems.

You can use power sources as follow

Home use: 110V-240V AC power
Car/Big Truck use: 12/24V DC power
Small solar system+controler+battery
Other: power station,generator,backup battery, etc.

Product specification

Capasity: 53 Qt=50 L=1.77 cu. ft.
Freezing zone: 40 L
Refrigeration zone: 10 L
Dimension: 22.7*13.0*20.9 inches
Refrigeration range:-4℉~50℉(-18℃~10℃)
Weight:45.9 pounds
Voltage:12/24 V DC or 110~220 V AC
Wattage: MAX mode 60W; ECO mode 45W
Noise:≤45 dB

Outstanding Features

3 Level Voltage Battery Protection

with a 3-level battery, monitor to prevent the fridge from draining your vehicle's battery.

Excellent insulation for keeping ice-cold

With 35mm thick insulation, this car freezer will keep your food and stuff cool for a long time after turning off.

Great cooling fan for heat dissipation

This efficient cooling fan can take away the heat well without affecting the refrigeration of the refrigerator.

Anti-shaking for extreme off-road conditions

With a good compressor technology, even if you are driving on steep slopes, this refrigerator still work.

Energy-saving with ECO mode

Switch MAX MODE (60 W) to ECO MODE (45W) to reduce power consumption and noise.

Freezing or refrigeration depends on you

The Fridge supports 40 L freezing zone and 10 L refrigeration zone, and different items can be placed in different areas.


PICK UP(F150 F250 etc.)