130W Mono Portable Solar Panel


Want to take a trip without any preparation? Relax and just let BougeRV 130W portable solar panel take the wheel. With its portable and convenient, the only thing is to take it to the camping spot, open it, lie it down, and face the sun. The high electricity conversion of 23.5% and adjustable brackets for better angles will make charging on the go as easy as 1-2-3!
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Key Features

  • 9BB Solar Cells & 23.5% High Efficient. Mono solar panel of 9 busbar solar cells, shows stronger current collection ability which can provide high conversion efficiency up to 23.5%. The narrower busbar space and more cells receiving surface bring lower kilowatt-hour cost and increase the output of the PV module. the smaller chamfer design increases the area of each cell, which greatly improves the charging effect.
  • Lighter & Portable. The volume and weight of the 130w portable solar panel with suitcase design are smaller than the 5 busbars of the same spec after folding is only 26.6*21.3*2.2 inches, easy to store and carry. Made of Ultralight material(PET), only weighs 10.36 lb. The corner protection design of the frame and the spring-loaded butterfly twist latch buckle can protect the solar panel when you use or store the panel.
  • Waterproof & Stability. The waterproof design of the 130w portable solar panel meets IP67 standards and requirements, fit for different weather conditions: rain, tempest, ideal for outdoor activities: Camping, hiking. The solar panel is equipped with adjustable brackets, which can be easily placed on uneven ground . This solar panel can be installed easily.
  • Compatibity. Solar connector to DC adapter conversion cable included, the 130w portable solar panel can charge any generator with DC 7909/ DC 5521 input outlet. With the universal solar connector, the 18 volts solar panel can also charge the traditional battery, SLA, FLD, AGM, GEL, LiFePO4, and so on.
  • Warranty. BougeRV offers one-to-one solar solutions with a promise of a 25-year power output warranty (5 years /95% efficiency, 10 years /90% efficiency, 25 years /80% efficiency) and a lifetime of enthusiastic service.

Micro-cracks have a lower impact on 9BB solar cells

Micro-fractures, also known as micro-cracks, are a kind of solar cell deterioration that can influence the energy production of a solar photovoltaic system, as well as its longevity.

The solar panel is composed of cells in parallel which are divided into pieces by the busbars. When cracks appear in the same area, 1/10 of 9BB cells will be impacted while the 5BB one is 1/6. 

Adjustable brackts

Equipped with adjustable brackets, which can be easily placed on uneven ground such as grass and beach.

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum frame design, more corrosion resistant, can better protect the corners of the solar panel

Butterfly buckle

Easier to release and tighten the buckle.
Tip: Turn counterclockwise to release the button. Turn clockwise to tighten the button 

Suitable for Multiple Scenarios

Strong power backup for on-grid and off-grid applications, this solar panel can charge for home use, RV, truck camper, and other off-grid use.