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Need a solar power system? Follow our guide, enter energy and location, and pick your products.

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Peak Power

  • ${} ${Math.round(item.power * item.workingTime)}Wh
Automatic Calculation

Enter your zip code to automatically calculate the peak sun hours in your region.

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Key Metrics
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Please select the panels based on measurement of your installation area. Our system will automatically calculate the quantity of corresponding panels that fulfill your power requirement. Accessories based on solar panels selection. Uncheck if not needed.

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${item.spec.inchSize.width} x ${item.spec.inchSize.height} inch ${item.spec.size.width} x ${item.spec.size.height} mm
Product List

The above recommendation is for reference only. Please make sure to verify the correct power consumption of the device in use. If you have any questions, you can send an email to

The list DOES NOT include theses accessories. We recommend you to purchase them to better build the system.
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The following are recommended products for you to purchase.

You are building a solar system for ${selectedSystem.type}, in ${location}

Energy Consumption Summary

Peak Power

  • ${} ${Math.round(item.power * item.workingTime)}Wh

Based on what appliances you would have in your solar system, we calculated out that you have the overall energy consumption of ${singleDayTotalCurrent}Wh/Day and peak power of ${peakPower}W in the solar system.

The calculation for Key Factors

According to your energy consumption and the region you lived in,the calculation shows a total off-grid peak power of ${peakPower}W,and a DC platform voltage of ${inverterVoltage}V.Based on these statistics,you need ${inverterVoltage}V ${Number.isInteger(batteryCurrent) ? batteryCurrent : batteryCurrent.toFixed(2)}Ah batteries and ${inverterVoltage}V ${inverterSpec ? inverterSpec : peakPower}W inverters to complete the solar system.

The Quantity of Solar Panels

You've select ${selectedPanel.spec.title}


Peak Power Pm(W): ${selectedPanel.spec.power}±3% W Open circuit voltage Voc (V): ${selectedPanel.spec.openCircuitVoltage}±3% V Short circuit current Isc (A): ${selectedPanel.spec.current}±3% A

Please make sure your installation area is big enough to ${selectedPanel.number} x ${selectedPanel.spec.power}W Solar Panels of ${selectedPanel.spec.size.width}*${selectedPanel.spec.size.height}mm.

According to the calculation above,you need ${selectedPanel.number} x ${selectedPanel.spec.power}W Solar Panels to fulfill your energy requirement.

Recommended Connection Type

Based on the information provided and the quantity of selected solar panels, we strongly recommend connecting them in the ${(connectMethod === 'tandem' || !connectMethod) ? 'series' : (connectMethod === 'parallel' ? 'parallel' : 'series and parallel')}.


Your Product List

In response to your needs,we provide these products for your solar power installation.


Recommended Accessories

The list we provided DOES NOT include these accessories.They are REQUIRED for the installation of the solar system and we strongly recommend you purchase them at the same time.

  • ${item.spec.title} ${item.spec.config}
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