Car Refrigerator 53 Quart 12V/24V DC AC Outdoor Travel Home Use,-4℉~50℉ Black


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Product Information
Capacity 53 Quart/50 Liter/ 1.77 Cu ft
Dimension 22.7*13.0*20.9 inches /45.9 lbs
Voltage 12/24 V DC or 110~220 V AC
Wattage MAX mode 60W; ECO mode 45W
Refrigeration range -4℉~50℉(-18℃~10℃)
Noise ≤45 dB
Two compartment 40 L freezing zone and 10 L refrigeration zone

Why choose BougeRV 53 qt car refrigerator ?  

BougeRV is not just a company solving your off-grid problem but also a professional team that cools your life.

  • You can hold up enough food to enjoy traveling, off-roading, camping, tailgating, even boating!
  • You don't need to buy ice anymore, saving money and space, never dealing with the melting water.
  • You can power it up with 12V CAR, SUV, VAN. PICK UP, or 24V SEMI-TRUCK, or 110~240v at home.
  • 3-level car battery protection portable fridge, you are no need to worry about draining out your battery.

Large Capacity& Fast Cooling

-53 Quart. 2 areas for refrigeration & freezer
-No ice is required.
-15 Mins From 77℉ to 32℉

Outdoor and Indoor Use

-Home use: 110V-240V AC power
-Car/Big Truck use: 12/24V DC power
-Small solar system+controler+battery
-Other: power station, generator, backup battery, ect.


-With a 3-level battery monitor.
-Great cooling fan for heat dissipation.

LED Display & Low Noise 

-LED display makes you easier to locate items.
-45 dB low noise.
-Tow mode: max mode (60W, fast cooling) &eco mode(45W, energy saving)


-Anti-shaking for extreme off-road conditions.

Warranty & Shipping  

-With CE and FCC certificated.
-2 year warranty for the compressor.
-Free shipping for all orders.