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6Feet 14AWG Solar Connector to DC Adapter


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100% secure shopping Reliable warranty One on one service


  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Solar Connector to DC 8mm It is universal conversion cable for solar panel to solar power generator. Rated current is 15Amp. Compatible with Explorer 160 240 500 1000 Explorer 160 240 500 1000, GZ Portable Power Station and other solar power stations with DC input outlet.
  • QUALITY AND DURABLE: The cable is made of heavy-duty wire, 12AWG for the main wire and 14awg for the branch wire. Very thick and durable. Made with pure copper with tin coat, more efficient and more durable.
  • NOTE BEFORE USE: Red for Positive and Black for Negative. Different brand solar panel’s outlet cable polarity may be different! For preventing polarity reverse, make sure polarity is correct before making your final connection. If you are not clear about the polarity, please send us a photo of your power station to help you confirm it.
  • EXTRA DC CONNECTOR: Come with an extra DC 5525 conversion adapter, BougeRV solar connector to DC conversion cable can be compatible with most power stations.
  • WARRANTY: BougeRV is dedicated to provide customers with high-quality product through constant improvement and also promise an 18 months warranty of each product. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with the product.

Solar Connector

Standard solar connectors used for solar panels, easy to use and durable. Made with tinned pure copper that can be used for more than 20 years.

12-14 AWG Cable

Works for JKY, GZ, EF portable power station, Compatible with standard solar connector. 12AWG wire gauge can maximum the charge efficiency.

Two Options 

BougeRV solar cable to 8 mm adapter comes with an adapter to convert 8 mm to 5.5x2.5 mm. Convenient to use for other devices with a 5.5x2.5 or 5.5x2.1 port.