50KG Folding Portable Luggage Trolley Trunk Trailer


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✅Folded extendable trolley, easy to Store

✅Tire-natural rubber, wear resistance, cold and heat resistance, drop resistance

✅Telescopic handle, one-click stretch-shortening design, there is a button in the middle of the handle, which is reinforced by a crossbar, which makes it more stable to use

✅Can Bear 50KG, Using thickened titanium alloy material, apply the principle of mechanics, it is more reliable and portable during use

✅Fasten Parts, tighter and more durable, high-quality materials, high-strength plastic, resistant to beating, long-term use will not deform


Item Name: Hand Trolley/ Trunk Trailer

Item Weight: 3.1Kg

Bearing Weight: 50 kg

Package Includes:

1 x Trolley

1 x 1.85m Roll

Applying Scene

Car fridge / cargo delivery /luggage bag/ shopping car...