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HOBOTECH is an outdoor RV life enthusiast and a videographer as well. Typically wearing a funny lab coat, he shares his stories around living Off-Grid. He spends a long precious time with his cat, Odin. He said Odin is the real star of his life. HOBOTECH owns a 1995 Roadtrek 190 Popular, another co-star named MIR, provides the living quarters and main transport for him and Odin. 

After logging over 23,000 miles through 37 states, they purchased a homestead property in the Arizona mountains. Their stories are to continue...

"The BougeRV 180W panels have great size, remarkable conversion efficiency, and excellent power output. I've used BougeRV panels for two years and have yet to experience a single breakdown, and their solar panels are still working well. I used the 170W version all summer in Tucson, operating it at 110 degrees for a long time. They were powering a window air conditioner in my van, so thanks to BougeRV, I didn't die in the hot desert, I did survive."


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