J Style Double Kayak Roof Rack (One Pair)


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Key Features

  • Tool-free installation: BougeRV Kayak Roof Rack is ready to use out of the box and can be installed without tools. You can load and unload this universal kayak roof rack with ease in 10 minutes. Don't worry about installing it yourself.
  • High Versatility: The support base of this foldable kayak rack adopts an adjustable sliding design, and the size of the dual J bracket can be adjusted to accommodate two kayaks of different sizes or shapes. Kayak vehicle rack is the best kayak rack for RV, camper and transporting family summer equipment.
  • Folding mechanism: The middle pole can be folded flat when not in use to reduce wind resistance or need to transport larger items on the top. So that you don't have to worry about hitting the door when entering and leaving the garage.
  • Universal installation system: Universal installation hardware is suitable for most vehicle roof racks, including pneumatic rods/elliptical rods/square rods/round rods or other factory crossbars. Please note that a crossbar is required to install the kayak rack.

"The most convenient and cost-effective rack for transporting kayaks."

  • It works out of the box and is fully assembled without any components and tools, all you need to do is place them on the roof rack and tighten all four nuts and tada! The installation is completed.
  • Its bilateral design allows you to carry two kayaks or SUPs at once. Most importantly, the base is slidable, so you can load two different sizes of kayaks by adjusting the length of the base. (Usage hint: press the button when sliding, release the button when fixing).
  • By turning the knob to the side, you can lift or fold the middle rail. When the rack is not in use or your vehicle enters your garage, you can lay it flat without unloading it. 

Please follow the install guideline for security (see illustration above)

Correct Installation (IMPORTANT!):

  • Loop the strap through the middle rail built-in clip;
  • Thread the strap through the saddle clip to prevent any sliding;
  • Loop the strap around the cross bar;

Wrong Installation:

  • Loop the strap around the cross bar without threading through the saddle clip;
  • Tie to the rack saddle only;

Please keep in mind that the saddle of the rack itself is only for collecting the straps instead of being tied to.

Adjustable base for all kinds of kayaks

By sliding the base and folding the middle rail, you can adjust the space on both sides. Or, you can fold it flat to place a larger kayak or Standard Up Paddle (SUP) on top.

Safety clearance after installation

After testing on many roof racks, we selected a lower bolt of a suitable length. It is unlikely to scratch your roof, but it is still long enough to be installed on roof racks of different shapes.

4 high-quality tie-up straps

Equipped with 4 8.2-foot high-strength kayaking belts. The padded cam buckle helps prevent hitting the window.

Built-in belt clip

The integrated belt clip is more suitable for fixing the kayak belt and helps you to grasp the belt during installation.

Rubber durable paddle holder cradles

The rubber band is firmly connected to the knob protruding from the bracket. The soft material can protect your paddle.

Maximum load capacity: 150 lbs/68 kg

As long as the weight of your kayak rack is within our load limit, you can load it on BougeRV kayak rack.