Detachable Battery of Portable Refrigerator


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SKU: E0404-17301

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Key Features

  • Special for BougeRV car refrigerator: This removable battery is suitable for BougeRV CR8, CR35 CR45, CR55 refrigerators.
  • Large battery capacity&Long battery operation time: The battery capacity is 173wh/15600mah. When the working temperature is set at -20℃, it can be used for CR8 refrigerator for 6-8 hours, and CR35-55 refrigerator for more than 4 hours.
  • Improved design: The squeeze buckle design simplifies the installation and removal process, and the real-time battery power and the battery voltage will be displayed on the control panel.
  • Simple switch: Long press the power button to turn on/off the battery. When charging, the power indicator will turn green.
  • Multiple charging methods: You can charge it in a portable refrigerator (DC 12/24V and AC 100-240V) or solar panel (12-50V), or you can charge it through a dedicated battery charger and charging station (separate buy).
  • Quick charge: Use a 12V/24V adapter to charge the battery for about 3.5 hours to fully charge, use a 40w C-type charger to charge the battery for about 5 hours to fully charge, and use a 20w C-type charger to charge the battery for about 10 hours to fully charge.

Installation Steps

Remove the lid by pressing manner

Take out the dustproof box inside

Push the battery in by pressing and snap it into place

Press the battery switch to turn on the power