How to Make a 30 Amp Generator Extension Cord?

Jan 13, 2021 Jason Zheng

Description: How to make a 30 amp generator extension cord?  Check out this post for a simple guide today!

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How many solar cells do I need for my RV ?

Mar 31, 2020 Jason Zheng

To generate and use solar panels in your RV, you have to opt for a complete setup. That complete setup includes: Solar Panels solar Charger Controller Solar Batteries

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How to Protect Your EV Charger When It’s Raining?

Feb 25, 2020 MZ

Someone asked could he use the charger in his backyard while keeping the plug in the garage? Although the question was a bit confusing, we came up with an effective solution that we’re going to discuss later: How to protect EV charger from the rain?

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