Hidden Armrest Storage Box for Tesla Model 3 (2 colors) & Tesla Model Y



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  • Private Storage Space: BougeRV center console organizer expands armrest storage space and is a clever use of space inside the recess under the armrest. You can put some small objects that you don't want people to notice in it.
  • Easy To Open: The door of the armrest storage is easy to open after we try countless improvements, appropriate closing tightness not only prevents items from falling out but also makes it easy to open.
  • Easy Installation: Tear off the double-sided tape of four corners and insert it into the armrest box. The whole installation process is less than 2 minutes.
  • Slide-Type Design: Use the pull-out design of the hidden box, the contents are easy to fall out, the slide-type design perfectly solves this problem.
  • BougeRV Guarantee: Our center console organizer comes with a one year warranty. If there are problems with our product's quality within one year, please contact us by E-mail. We pride ourselves on offering the best after-sales support for our customers.
tesla model 3
tesla model 3

Create Your Own Private Storage Space

  • Slide-Type Design
  • Easy To Open Smooth like Silk
  • Expands Armrest Storage Space
  • Double-Sided Tape Easy Installation
  • Matte Texture


tesla model 3

One Piece Design

tesla model  3

Small Handle

tesla model 3

Custom Fit

tesla model 3

Rounded Edge