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2.3Feet 10AWG Solar to SAE Conversion Cable (with 2 PCS Polarity Reverse Connectors)


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100% secure shopping Reliable warranty One on one service

BougeRV Solar Connector to SAE Adapter Cable

With 2 Extra Polarity Reverse Adapters

Key Features

  • SOLAR PANEL TO SAE CONVERSION CABLE: 2.3 FT / 70 cm 10 AWG solar panel wire made of 105 strands tin-plated COPPER and soft silicone material. And 10awg is the largest diameter of the three typically sold sizes, 10, 12, 14 AWG, which can minimize the power loss.
  • SAE TO SAE POLARITY REVERSE CONNECTORS: For your SAE connector or solar panel connection, making the reversed polarity adapter correct easily.
  • WATERPROOF DUSTPROOF SAE CONNECTOR: Comes with a WATERPROOF CAP to protect the SAE plug from dust and raindrops.
  • WIDELY COMPATIBLE: This 10 gauge SAE to solar male and female adapter cable connector widely used in cars, motorbike, RVs, buildings, and outdoor solar installations.
  • PLUG AND PLAY: Quick and easy connect or disconnect for your RV solar panel by this SAE adapter cable and simple plug removal without any additional instruments.