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Sep 18 2019


Every van, RV, converted Subaru, and everything in between needs a snow brush. It’s not just for your safety, but for everyone around you. Just because your heat melted your windshield clear doesn’t mean snow on the top won;t blow back and visually impair other drivers around you.

Sep 2 2019

A QUALITY Flexible SOLAR PANEL On A BUDGET! 100 Watt Bouge RV Portable Panel Review

We put a new budget brand flexible SunPower based 100 watt solar panel to the test. Is it the holy grail of cheap portable solar power for your van or RV?

Sep 2020

Is This New $400 Portable Freezer Worth The Cost?

BougeRV, a company that specializes in off-grid accessories, recently introduced a new portable freezer that will keep your food and drinks cold no matter where you’re camping. Whether you want extra fridge and freezer space on your extended boondocking trips, or to keep food and drinks in the car on long drives, their new portable freezer proves to be useful in many situations.

April 18 2020

BougeRV 170 Watt Solar Panel Review

The panel is economically priced and has free shipping, a good thing to have on a large 24 lb item. Also, it’s a nice size and may be useful for some people’s solar builds where dimensions are critical.

A significant negative for me is the short warranty period of 1 year. Panels like the competition Renogy 160 watt have a 5-year warranty material warranty and 25 years output warranty. But in fairness, the Renogy is lower power and higher priced. 

Mar 31, 2020

Top 10 Best Trailer Hitch Covers

This hitch cover from BougeRV includes a bracket that mounts over top of your hitch tube. That means you don’t have to take the cap completely off and risk losing it. Just flip the cap open when you need to use the hitch, hitch up your trailer and you’ll be on your way.

BougeRV makes versions of this product for 1 1/4- inch and 2-inch hitch tubes, so just make sure you’re buying the right size. It’s a bit pricier than a simple cap, but it’s still extremely affordable.


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Aug 21 2020 Coupons & Promo Codes for September 2021

Browse for coupons valid through September below. Find the latest coupon codes, online promotional codes, and the overall best coupons posted by our team of experts . Our deal hunters continually update our pages with the most recent promo codes & coupons for 2021, so check back often!

Sep 17 2020

BougeRV Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag Waterproof/Rainproof Hitch Mount Cargo Bag $41.30 Free S/H $41.28

BougeRV Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag Waterproof/Rainproof Hitch Mount Cargo Bag for Car Truck SUV Vans Hitch Trays and Hitch Baskets (48'' L x 20'' W x 22'' H)

100% WATERPROOF-- Made of super sturdy 1000D PVC, thick waterproof flexible material is 5 times durable than Nylon Oxford.
BIG SPOT -- It has four fold-over corners and two handles, which you you can lift the bag wearable and more convenient.
DUAL PROTECTION -- The zippers are heavy duty and waterprof and are recessed under a protective flap with velcro to provide additional protection from rain.
EXCELLENT CAPACITY -- It was roomy enough for four medium suitcases along and various other smaller items, which almost completely freed up the entire car back.
SUPERIOR SECURITY – 6 security nylon straps attach to buckles to keep bag firmly mounted. Tighten or loosen to precisely fit every load.

Sep 29 2020

Best MPPT Solar Charge Controllers: 12 Most Selling MPPT Charge Controllers

With the advanced MPPT charging algorithm and a negative ground profile, you get is a much reliable, powerful charge controller from BougeRV.

Interestingly, as a special feature of the RV-exclusive product, the device has its LCD screen as a detached unit. So, you can fix it somewhere in an ideal monitoring position and have a glimpse of the operating data easily.

Like all similar products, the 12V/24V solar charge controller can automatically identify the system voltage and is compatible with a range of common battery packs, including lithium, flooded, gel, and more. The controller has a size of 8.1 x 5.5 x 3.3 inches and it weighs as light as 2.95 pounds.

Enter BougeRV and their 53-qt (50L) portable refrigerator/freezer. BougeRV is a Chinese company that sells solar components, RV accessories, and 12V refrigerators in the US and elsewhere. They’ve gotten a lot of attention in the vanlife community lately due to their low prices and surprising quality. 

In this post we look at an inexpensive solar panel option: the BougeRV 180W monocrystalline solar panels. We review the specs, test the performance, and render a verdict on whether these are worthy of powering your vanlife adventure.