How to Protect Your EV Charger When It’s Raining?

MZFeb 25, '201 comment

Someone asked could he use the charger in his backyard while keeping the plug in the garage? Although the question was a bit confusing, we came up with an effective solution that we’re going to discuss later: How to protect EV charger from the rain?

How to choose a generator power cord

MZFeb 13, '202 comments

Power cord is one of those hardware specifications that can directly affect the output voltage you receive. Here is a step-by-step guide to choosing and using a generator extension cord

3 Must Have Solar Panels

MZJan 14, '20

If you live in a region with an abundance of the sun shining throughout the months, the solar panels are an effective solution.

What You Need to Know About Flexible Solar Panels

MZJan 8, '20

BougeRV Flexible Solar Panels – What You Need to Know When it comes to solar power for your RV, boat, camper, or household use, nothing quite compares to the BougeRV lineup of flexible solar panels. The solar panel cost is reasonable, the panels are powerful, and BougeRV makes some of the...