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How to Protect Your EV Charger When It’s Raining?

Feb 25, '201 comment

A few days ago, we had a query about using the EV charger when it’s raining.

The major question was could he use the charger in his backyard while keeping the plug in the garage?

Although the question was a bit confusing, we came up with an effective solution that we’re going to discuss later in this write-up:

How to protect your EV charger when it’s raining?

Before that query, we had no FAQ about BougeRV Level 2 EVSE EV Charger protection when moisture or rain was there.

Right now, you’re at the page where we are going to discuss the protection mechanism. Using a Wall-Mount EV Charger holster can protect your charger when it’s raining.

It is designed in such a way that no moisture or rainwater gets in touch with the plug. In simple words, it covers the EV charger from all sides, here is an overview of the features it offers:

  • The BougeRV Wall-Mount EV Charger Holster comes with high quality and durable design that can hold your EV charger from side to side.
  • It fits all types of connectors and mounts with 4 screws.
  • It is capable to keep insects and dirt out of your EVSE.

Additionally, it offers a quick and simple installation for indoor and outdoor use. You just have to drill the four screws provided into the mounting holes and your EV charger gets protected from rainwater.

Where can a Holster cover your Level 2 EVSE EV Charger?

The query we received had some real questions in hand. Firstly, the customer was looking for a solution to protect its charger from rain but as we researched, we came to know about a solution that can help on a variety of occasions:

outdoors: A holster can protect your genuine EV charger even in outdoors. Whether you’re at a service station or enjoying a party at your friend’s home. You can use the holster and charge your vehicle.

Desert-like Areas: In areas where your charger is open to dirt, a holster can protect your EV charger and keep it working across.

Choose the best EV charger holster

Whatever product you buy, you always look for some covering or protection. The same is the case with a holster as it is like a covering for your vehicle charger. Get your EV charger a holster at the best value here and enjoy a seam less experience during rain.

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Riley Shirey on Jan 13, '21

I have the 32A Level 2 Charger. 3030-PSE-32-XC-AS. It worked well charging my Tesla 3 for several months. I left town and the charger plugged in while I was gone several months. Drove Tesla from northeast Ohio to California and back. When I returned the power light was on EV Box and everything appeared normal. When I plugged into car the charging light on fender of car went out and showed no response. The computer screen said to check the electrical supply. The Charger power light was on and no other telltale on EV Box. I could not find any other problems. I changed breaker moved to another location. EV box says everything is normal but will not sink to car. I have a 16A charger that pulls off of same electric panel and uses Tesla adaptor and works fine. Is there something in the J1772 connector that could be damaged while it was connected and not being used for so long? I had cord coiled and hung up with protective cove on Connector. Thanks

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