Solar Panel Mounting Z Bracket Mount Kits Supporting for RV, Roof, Boat, Off Grid



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  • BougeRV set of 4 Z-bracket type mounting feet is designed to support the installation of single solar panel units, generally in off-grid installations. Perfect for RV's, boats or other flat surfaces.
  • The Z-brackets are universal - fits any solar electric panel with a standard aluminum frame and mounting holes.
  • Ideal for installation on RV roofs and non-inhabited dwellings such as sheds or garages. It is also suited as attachment to a user made structure such as a wooden frame. The system comes complete with all fasteners to secure the system to the installation surface.
  • This system makes the installation of small solar systems easy, affordable and quick.


  • Brand: BougeRV
  • Material: Aluminum corrosion-free construction
  • Weight: 0.25KG / 0.55 lb.
  • Suitable for: Mounts panels to RVs, trailers, boats, recreational vehicles or yachts.

Notes:Not recommended to use single set of brackets for panels over 150 watts, 2 sets of Z bracket would be better. 

  • Unique design: Easy to use, perfect for irregular surfaces
  • Pre-assembled with bolts and washers, all parts you need to mount your panels are included
  • Lightweight but Strong: Unlike stainless steel solar bracket, our corrosion-free aluminum alloy bracket is LIGHTER but STRONGER, better support for solar panels, and no burden on the roof
  • Mounting on RVs, trailers, boats, recreational vehicles or yachts, Ideal for mounting 50W to 150W solar panels.
  • Package included: 2 sets of 4 units.