ABS Solar Double Cable Entry Gland Box


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Avoid making unsightly and potentially leaky cable entries, choose BougeRV solar cable entry box!

solar cable entry box

You can use this neat designed product and drill out your cable entry point, and then cover it over giving you two fully waterproof cable gland cable entries that look neat and purpose built.
Why BougeRV?
  • Tiny gap between for cable gland, NEVER SLIPPERY AGAIN!
  • Equipped with three stainless steel self-tapping screws, easy to install
  • Well-designed product appearance, its curvature can effectively reduce the wind resistance to a certain degree

  • Brand: BougeRV
  • Size: 12 x 13.2 x 4.2 cm / 4.72 x 5.2 x 1.62 inch
  • Color: Grey(Because the brightness of the screen or display is different, the color seen will be slightly different.)
  • Suitable for: All Cable Types 2mm² to 6mm²
Package included:
  • 1 x ABS gray solar cable entry box
  • 2 x Cable glands
  • 2 x Rubber seals
  • 3 x Stainless steel self-tapping screws

Washer Groove Makes More Suitable

3mm thickness - strong and durable

Pre-punched Holes, Equipped with Screws


Tailored Spacing, Not Slipping

  • PG7 Waterproof Cable Gland - Used for all cable types 2mm² to 6mm², widely used in solar projects during wiring
  • Tailored Spacing for Cable Gland - Many guests report that too much spacing will cause cable gland’s slippage, BougeRV completely solved this problem. Pitch gap is minimal, no slipping anymore
  • Method of Use- Can be fixed with Glue, just like Sikaflex 221 Sikaflex 252, 291, dicor sealant (NOT INCLUDED) or stainless steel self-tapping screws (INCLUDED) depending on position and sealing requirements etc
  • Widely Use - Suitable for most round cables for solar panel, DC power, aerial, satellite, air conditioning, lighting etc. Which is an ideal way for routing the cables while mounting solar panels on vehicles and boats, as well as other installations on RVs, garages, etc
  • The whole package is within 1 ABS white solar cable entry box, 2 cable glands ,2 rubber seals, 3 stainless steel self-tapping screws

Avoid making unsightly and potentially leaky cable entries, choose BougeRV solar cable entry box!

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