200 Watt 12 Volt Solar Starter Kit


Is this your first venture into solar energy? Are you having trouble choosing accessories? BougRV 200 Watt Mono solar kit for you with the easiest installation of the primary off-grid system, BougeRV to provide you with the best 1-on-1 technical services, design the most suitable photovoltaic system for you.
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Key Features


  • High solar cell efficiency: Monocrystalline 21.9%
  • Half-cut Cells Technology: Compared with the Standard module, the current is reduced by half, the resistance loss is reduced, so the heat is reduced Reliable 


  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum material can withstand the change of the outdoor environment and prolong its service life.
  • Aerodynamic Design could disperse the air flow smoothly to reduce air noise and fuel waste by minimizing the wind resistance, and you can barely hear any noticeable sound.
  • IP65 rated junction box provides complete protection against environmental particles and low-pressure water jets.


  • Sealed, Gel Flooded and Lithium charging algorithm ready.
  • Li 30 Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller is Compatible with 12v/24v batteries (SLD, FLD, GEL, LiFePO4, ternary lithium battery and LTO battery) and is able to auto resettable after protected shut-off, also able to wake up dormant lithium battery after setting to Li battery type.it ensures rapid, efficient, and safe battery charging.


  • Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow for fast and secure mounting.
  • Li 30Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller, 6 protections ( over-temperature, open-circuit, short-circuit, overload, reverse prevention circuit, reverse current protections ).


  • With the Li 30A PWM Charge Controller, you can expand your system up to a maximum of 360W (12V) and 720W (24V). The BougeRV 200W Monocrystalline Expansion Kit is the perfect solution for future expansion.

package Includes

Tips: Due to accessories for this solar kit from different warehouses, will be separated into several packages.