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Li 10A PWM Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V


The BougeRV 10A solar charge controller has efficient PWM charging to extend battery life and enhance overall system efficiency. The LCD screen design and unique self-diagnostics will give you the first judgment for functional or install faults. It can connect to 12V or 24V appliances in your RV or vehicles. Thus, it is compatible with your outdoor activities.
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100% secure shopping Reliable warranty One on one service

BougeRV 10A PWM Solar Charge Controller

  • Intelligent regulator for your solar system, the battery maintainer and protector for your solar system.
  • ACTIVE SHIELD: The solar panel regulator has clear and special icons for various Lithium batteries on the LCD screen, such as LFP for LiFePO4, Li for Ternary lithium battery, LTO for Lithium-Titanium-Oxide.
  • The 10A solar panel regulator will cycle the PV input current and the battery voltage on the main interface with real-time value every 3 seconds, which is also easy to read in dim light with the backlit display.
  • Keep wiring neat with 6 pcs spade terminals. Crimp the bare end of the solar cable into the spade terminals, compatible with solar cable in 12awg to 10awg.

BougeRV 10A PWM Solar Panel Regulator

Pakcage Included:
10A Controller *1
Spade Terminals *8
User Manual *1