Travel Trailer RV Snow Cover Fits for 18'-20' Travel Trailer (with Jack Cover & Patch Kit)



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Key Features

  • Dimensions: (240" L * 105" W * 107" H). For 18'-20' travel trailer RV, it's until-UV and water-resistant. To ensure proper fitment, please take an accurate measurement of your RV. Besides, it comes with a jack cover, a patch kit, and a packaging bag.
  • 4 Layer Material Snow Cover: Thicker and durable design make the windshield snow cover fit your car snugly even on a windy day and give your car well protected. Don’t worry that in winter your RV will be dirty by various fallen leaves, bird excrement, or become wet due to the melted snow. Avoid causing your favorite RV to become rusty, yellow, and dirty.
  • Ultimate Winter Windproof & Secure fit: Adjustable straps, belt, and buckle are specially designed for better-protecting cover against blowing away and tearing by the heavy wind, and the strap across the front and back adjust around our spare tire and propane tanks. Elasticized hem corners, adjustable front, and rear tension panels provide a custom fit.
  • Easy To Install And Remove: With a front tag to make installation more easily. A small brings you huge convenience! Rollable Zippered Acess entry when the trailer is still covered was nice to have to be able to check on a trailer from time to time. Airflow Vents on top are great to allow for air movement.
  • Warranty & Measurement: Your BougeRV product carries a 24-month warranty. Please measure before purchase, measurement should include the bumper, ladder, or spare tire, but not include the hitch!

Why Should You Buy A Travel Trailer RV Cover In Winter?

In cold winter, RVs stored in the open, whether in the yard or on the street, can become victims of UV degradation, Bird droppings, withered leaves, acid rain, and melted snow will cause a devastating blow to the surface of the RV.

RV trailer covers are a lengthy and worthwhile investment, you should choose a durable and a high protect camper cover for your RV.

Go For 4 Layers Quality & Durable Camper RV Cover!

✔4 Layers Top Protection

Highly UV Resistant + Water Repellency + Environmental Protection, to keep your RV as pretty as ever.

BougeRV multi-functional property camper cover to meet the needs of every RV owner!


Durable products can be used for a long time: It is strongly recommended to put foam on any small sharp corners or obstacles.

  • 1. Elastic band wrapping
    The elastic band wrapping design makes the travel trailer RV cover stronger, exquisite, and durable.
  • 2. Rollable zippered access
    Rollable zippered access makes you get in and get out more convenient.
  • 3. Safety straps & buckles
    Safety belt and buckle tighten the RV, making it more secure. In order to prevent your RV cover from being blown away by the strong winter winds, fasten all belts and buckles extremely.
  • 4. Front tag
    With a front tag to make installation more easily. A small tag brings you huge convenience!
  • 5. Warning reflect strip
    Can warn other vehicles at night to avoid accidents. More Safety!
  • 6. Inner pp cotton material
    Inner PP cotton material, delicate and soft, avoid scratches, and prevent damage to the paint of your loving travel trailer RV.