Travel Trailer RV Cover Fits 24'-27' Trailers

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If you’re into hiking, camping, travel, and the outdoor lifestyle, owning your own RV can be a dream come true. But keeping your RV in prime condition can be just as important, especially if you live in a cold climate. Protecting your RV from snow, rain, sun, wind, and scratches can help add years to the lifespan of your vehicle.
The BougeRV Travel Trailer Cover is the product you need.

Size: 24'-27'
Color: Gray
Brand: BougeRV
Fit Type: Vehicle Specific 
Cover Measurement:  324" L x 102" W x 103" H

FREE Storage bag included.

BougeRV Travel Trailer RV Cover Camper Cover Snow Cover wATERPROOF

Pros of using an RV cover
▲ A small investment to keep your RV in prime condition.
▲ Protecting against the elements. (snow, leaves, acid rain, etc)

BougeRV Travel Trailer RV Cover Camper Cover Snow Cover

Go For 4 Layers Quality & Durable Camper RV Cover!

✔4 Layers Top Protection

Highly UV Resistant + Water Repellency + Environmental Protection, to keep your RV as pretty as ever.

BougeRV multi-functional property camper cover to meet the needs of every RV owner!


Durable products can be used for a long time: It is strongly recommended to put foam on any small sharp corners or obstacles.

BougeRV Travel Trailer RV Cover Camper Cover Snow Cover


  • 1. Elastic band wrapping

The elastic band wrapping design makes the travel trailer RV cover stronger, exquisite, and durable.

  • 2. Rollable zippered access

Rollable zippered access makes you get in and get out more convenient.

  • 3. Safety straps & buckles

Safety belt and buckle tighten the RV, making it more secure. In order to prevent your RV cover from being blown away by the strong winter winds, fasten all belts and buckles extremely.

BougeRV Travel Trailer RV Cover Camper Cover Snow Cover


  • 4. Front tag

With a front tag to make installation more easily. A small tag brings you huge convenience!

  • 5. Warning reflect strip

Can warn other vehicles at night to avoid accidents. More Safety!

  • 6. Inner pp cotton material

Inner PP cotton material, delicate and soft, avoid scratches and prevent damage to the paint of your loving travel trailer RV.