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Roof Rack Cross Bars (Universal, 47'' Silver)


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Key Feature

Technology & Features

  • Sturdy supplement: This pair of aluminum crossbars has a carrying capacity of up to 150 lbs/68 kg, providing you with strong support for skis/snowboards, kayaks, canoes, roof baskets, roof bags, cargo boxes, bicycle racks, etc.
  • Material: Made of high-strength aluminum, light weight, durable, anti-aging, anti-rust, and non-deformation.
  • Anti-theft: BougeRV Roof Rack Cross Bars can be fixed on your vehicle with a key. It can protect your installation accessories from rain or dust. You can use your key number (on the key barrel, such as "A01") to register in case you lose your key.
  • Adjustable length: Adapt to the side rails of your vehicle by loosening and sliding the base. Please keep the distance between the two bars greater than 700 mm, and check that each accessory is secure before loading any gears.
  • Easy to install: Absolutely simple installation, fit like a glove, ready to use out of the box. The simple instructions, installation videos and clear labels on the product will help you understand how to install.
  • Warranty commitment: BougeRV is committed to providing you with high-quality products. BougeRV's 12-month warranty applies to the crossbars sold by BougeRV. If you have any questions during use, please contact us for more information.


BougeRV Roof Rack Cross Bars are specially designed for Universal. It is suitable for any vehicle with separate rails or integrated rails with grooves. It is not applicable to the vehicle with integrated rail shallow grooves, flat rails without grooves, round rails or track rails. Please make sure it fits your vehicle before purchasing.

  •   This pair of luggage rack cross bar fits any vehicle with car roof width less than 48.8” with separated rail or integrated rail with groove.
  • This pair of aluminum crossbar is not applied to any vehicle with integrated rail shallow groove, flush rail without groove, round rail or track rail.

Fit Vehicle

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Ford Explorer Chevrolet EquinoxToyota Highlander

Outstanding Features

Upper Slideable T-Slot

  • After opening the cover, you could cut off a piece of rubber strip from the bar.
  • Install other "T-Slot" mounting system cargo carriers and then insert the rest of the rubber strip.
  • The dimension of the T-slot is 21*6 mm.

Spare Rubber Strip

  • The package comes with two spare rubber strips.
  • When finish installation, you will need to cut it off to fit into the exposed groove under the cross bar to reduce wind noise.

Lock Cylinder Number

  • Each patch of product is manufactured with different key number.
  • It's marked on the lock cylinder. In case of losing your key, you could register your key number in advance.