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286Wh Flash300 Fast Charging Power Station


Is it time to start planning your camping trip? You should take the Flash300 with you. It is both compact and reliable. You can totally count on it with big jobs. Only 30 minutes are needed to recharge it to 90%. And the 600W input means the small smart device can be recharged more than your imagine. Your next trip is full of potential.
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100% secure shopping Reliable warranty Free shipping

Key Features

Flash300 technology

The World's Fastest Fast Charging Power Station: BougeRV has the world's fastest fast charging power station. The Flash 300 Fast Charging Power Station can charge from 0% to 90% in under 30 minutes, providing stable, fast power to recharge your appliances even in emergencies.

One device to rule them all: The Flash300 Power Station can power up to 10 devices simultaneously. With a capacity of 286 watt-hours, the Flash300 Power Station provides enough power to run basic devices for hours and power small appliances in your home.

Take advantage of solar power: The Flash300 Fast charging power station has a built-in MPPT controller that supports up to 600W of solar input, a 12-45V voltage range, and a 25A maximum input current, so you can combine this fast charging station with other BougeRV solar panels to create a highly efficient solar generator to power your home.

Flash300 Fast Charging Power Station
  • Smart LED Display: Convenient for you to track the remaining charge/discharge time, battery capacity, and error messages, the LED display can be seen clearly in bright light and can be easily read in a dark environment, so you can fully grasp the energy storage situation without causing you anxiety about electricity usage.
  • Comprehensive safety protection system: Adopt high-quality BMS technology and control panel protection function to prevent your power station from over-charging, over-discharging, over-current, over-voltage, over-load, short-circuit, or over-heating, to protect your electrical safety.
Flash300 Built-in quie cooling fan rotates


 Wireless portable charger support 15W Max wireless fast charging. No cables are required, simply place your phone or accessory in the center and press the USB button to charge.


PD 100W IN/OUT             

 Flash300 power station supports PD 100W input and output. With PD input, it can be fully charged within 3 hours. The PD output provides 10X faster-charging speed for your devices than conventional chargers.



 Ergonomic and durable three-grip design gives you more control and flexibility when handling Flash300 power station.

Integrated AC charging cable is good to charge it at 600W. No bulky power adapter.


Integrated AC charging cable is good to charge it at 600W. No bulky power adapter.