200W 12V Tilt Mount Solar Panel Kit


This kits includes a 1100Wh portable solar generator with 200W 12V Solar Panel kits, a perfect choice for beginners to upgrade their outdoor experience. The 200W solar panel can totally cater you basic need and a portable power station to store what you get. The kits including the tilt can adjust whatever angles you want.
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1100Wh portable power station

Key Features of Power Station


Adopting Square Aluminum Shell Lithium Battery makes solar generator possible to be recharged over 1500 times. 2X Longer Lifetime than other Cylindrical batteries.

Large Capacity and Robust Power Supply

This Power Station has a large capacity of 1100Wh, and 1200W rated power (2000W peak), which exceeds many similar products in the market. A single charge can power your home and critical devices for up to 2 or 3 days


Features 3*110V Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets, 1*USB PD 60W (Input/Output Supported), 1*USB QC3.0 ports, 2*USB-A ports, 2*DC ports, 1*12V car charging port

Safe and Easy To Use

Bright and dynamic LED display easily keep track of charging status, recharging status, battery capacity, and error information, and prevent your power station from Overcharge, Over-discharge, Over Current, Over Voltage, Overload, Short Circuit, and Overheat.

Key Features of Mono Solar panel

High-level 9BB Cell Design has a 22.80% Highest Conversion Rate:  More Busbar, More Power. BougeRV 200W solar panel uses the high-level 9BB cell design which has a 22.8% highest conversion rate. Makes the solar panel have a longer service life. Increase the cell receiving surface, thinner ribbon reduces the covered area by 22%. Also, it can charge a 12V battery or charge a 24/48V battery by wiring several solar panels in series.

Compact Design, More Power: Compared to other 200W solar panels, BougeRV 9BB 200W solar panel is about 8% smaller but it could power the same or even more. Compared to other 100w solar panels, it's about 48% larger, but 100% more power, which allows you to install the solar panel on the limited roof of the RV/VAN/Trailer, so you can get more power in the limited space.


It can withstand high wind (2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa), suitable for cold and complex outdoor environments.

95% Light Transmittance

95% light transmittance allows more sunlight to enter, reducing consumption.

Easy Installation

Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow you to quickly install solar panels without using heavy tools.

BougeRV 41" Adjustable Tilt Mount Brackets

The Mounting Brackets Tilts Rack is compatible with BougeRV 180W/200W solar panels, ECO-WORTHY Solar Panels, Renogy 160w solar panels, and the other brands, the power of the panel is recommended to go with 100W to 300W.


10Ft Solar Extension Cable

Rating Voltage: -DC :1.8KV -AC: 0.6~1KV Degree of Protection: IP65 Fire Rated: IEC60332-1 Temperature: -40~﹢90℃ Normal Cross Sectional Area of the Conductor (mm2): 6.0 Service life: >25 years( -40~﹢90℃)

mc4 cable Package included:
1 Piece Red 10Ft Solar Cable with Connector
1 Piece Black 10Ft Solar Cable with Connector
1 Pair of Extra Solar Connectors

Weight:1.2 pounds
Wire Gauge: 10AWG
Length : 10Ft

BougeRV Tool Kit

Most reasonable Tool Kit with logical structure, portable and lightweight.

Excellent handing, easy exchange of crimping insert bits, and the possibility of adding a positioning aid are facts in favor of these crimping pliers.

High-precision ratchet mechanism for complete crimps.