1100Wh Solar Generator with 180W Solar Panel Kits

$1,160.95 $1,180.95

This kit is the beginner first pick when they decide to start a off-grid trip. A 1100Wh protable Solar Generator with 180W Solar Panel Kits can already make sure you won't lose your mind when out of power. We recommend this kit if you are a short-trip lover.
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1100Wh portable power station

Key Features Of Power Station


Adopting Square Aluminum Shell Lithium Battery makes solar generator possible to be recharged over 1500 times. 2X Longer Lifetime than other Cylindrical batteries.

Large Capacity and Robust Power Supply

This Power Station has a large capacity of 1100Wh, and 1200W rated power (2000W peak), which exceeds many similar products in the market. A single charge can power your home and critical devices for up to 2 or 3 days


Features 3*110V Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets, 1*USB PD 60W (Input/Output Supported), 1*USB QC3.0 ports, 2*USB-A ports, 2*DC ports, 1*12V car charging port

Safe and Easy To Use

Bright and dynamic LED display easily keep track of charging status, recharging status, battery capacity, and error information, and prevent your power station from Overcharge, Over-discharge, Over Current, Over Voltage, Overload, Short Circuit, and Overheat.

Key Features Of Mono Solar panel

Extreme Cost Performance. We use monocrystalline solar modules with extremely high conversion efficiency to ensure that each unit area can produce the highest power output. Our aim is to let you have not only good products but also good services : )

Reduce Your Energy Bills. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average U.S. residential customer uses approximately 909 kWh per month of energy. A 180-watt solar panel can output about 375kwh of electricity a year. In this respect, he will reduce your energy costs : )


Corrosion-resistant aluminum aallows extended outdoor use. Anti-reflective, high transparency glass has impact resistance and water resistance. It can withstand high wind (2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa), suitable for cold and complex outdoor environments.


With multiple layers protective system, solar energy chips maintain efficient solar energy conversion efficiency. Bypass diodes ensure maintain stable power in low light conditions.

Easy to Install

Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow you to quickly install solar panels without using heavy tools.

10Ft Solar Extension Cable

Rating Voltage: -DC :1.8KV -AC: 0.6~1KV Degree of Protection: IP65 Fire Rated: IEC60332-1 Temperature: -40~﹢90℃ Normal Cross Sectional Area of the Conductor (mm2): 6.0 Service life: >25 years( -40~﹢90℃)

mc4 cable Package included:
1 Piece Red 10Ft Solar Cable with Connector
1 Piece Black 10Ft Solar Cable with Connector
1 Pair of Extra Solar Connectors

 Weight:1.2 pounds
Wire Gauge: 10AWG
Length : 10Ft


4 units are suitable for installing 50W to 300W solar panels. 8 units are suitable for installing 50W to 600W solar panels.

A set of 4 units

Z-bracket Set Includes:
4 pcs* Z-brackets 4 pcs* hex nuts
4 pcs* 1/4-20 x 3/4" hex bolts
8 pcs* flat washers
4 pcs* split ring lock washers

A set of 8 units

8 pcs* Z-brackets 8 pcs* hex nuts
8 pcs* 1/4-20 x 3/4" hex bolts
16 pcs* flat washers
8 pcs* split ring lock washers

BougeRV Solar Panel Cable Connectors

6 Pairs Solar Connectors Kits
 Comes with Solar Spanners

Rated current: 30A (2.5-4.0mm2)
Rated voltage: 1000V DC
Connector contact resistance:≤0.5mΩ
Degree of waterproof: IP67
Flammability rating: UL94-V0 Safety: II
Adapter Wire: OD 5mm-7mm
Insertion force: less or equal to 50N
Withdrawal force: over or equal to 50N
Operating temperature range: -40℃~ +105℃

Package includes:

 6 × male solar connectors ( with solar connector pins )
6 × female solar connectors (with solar connector pins )
2 × solar connector spanners