You Need A Generator To Deal With Power Failure

Oct 30, '19

California, 2:30 a.m.27 October, more than 600 firefighters have been deployed to battle a wildfire that blazed through more than 200 hectares of land near a museum. According to the fire department, the fire has destroyed five dwelling house, so far no casualties. About 10,000 families living near 405 have been ordered to evacuate, including Los Angeles Lakers star Lebron James and movie star Clark Gregg.

The California wildfire has now displaced an estimated 200,000 people and left millions without power. Utility PG&E says it has cut power to nearly one million customers as a precaution against other fires. The worst hit areas include Sonoma County and Napa County in Northern California, both of which are the most famous wine producing areas and tourist destinations in the United States.

California fire

Electrical malfunctions may have caused two fires.

PG&E says power line problems may be the cause of two large fires in the San Francisco Bay Area over the weekend. Despite cutting power to more than 2.5 million people, the electricity was not turned off in the area because it wasn't designated as high risk, CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

PG&E told the California public utilities commission that a worker went to the first fire at about 4:45 p.m. local time Sunday and was told by firefighters that contact between power lines and communication lines may had caused the fire. An hour later, a worker went to another fire. Firefighters said they were investigating a transformer which may had started the fire. PG&E is under severe financial pressure after a series of destructive fires in northern California were blamed on equipment, the report said. The utility also said it failed to notify 23,000 customers -- including 500 with medical conditions -- before shutting off their power. Here comes the question: What can we do with electricity failure? 

generater accessary-BougeRV

You Need A Generator

Nowadays, electricity has become an indispensable energy source for everyone. For ordinary families, the national power supply is the main source of electricity. In order to cope with some special situations such as power failure and mobile power supply, household power generator system is the first choice.Today we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of four common household power generator systems.

1.Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are common for rural families and have a high utilization rate in rural areas.When I was young, there was a diesel generator at home to cope with power failure.
Advantages: High thermal energy of diesel; Cheap; Easy to carry;
Disadvantages: Loud noise; High incidence of trouble; Low utilization rate and poor power generation capacity.

Utility index ★★

2. Gasoline Generator

Gasoline generators are similar to diesel generators, common in rural areas.

Advantages: Lessnoise than the former; Smaller; Easy to carry;

Disadvantages: High cost of non-clean energy; The utilization rate is as low as the diesel engine; Noisy;  Expensive; Poor generation capacity.

Utility index ★★

3. Household Wind Power Generator

Compared with diesel generators or gasoline generators, wind power generatorneeds to be combined with the controller, storage appliances, inverter and other electrical components to form a system for home use.

Advantages: low cost; High efficiency, can store electricity for household appliances; Clean energy

Disadvantages: Hard to move, need to be installed in a particular position; High installation cost; Use area is too restrictive, need special geographical environment; Low power generation capacity.
Utility index ★★★

4. Household Solar Generator

Similar to wind power systems, electrical components must be incorporated into the system for home use.
Advantages: compared with wind power generation, it is more widely used; More efficient use; It can be connected to the grid and generate income by selling surplus electricity; Low use cost; Clean energy, can save electricity bills; High power generation capacity;
Disadvantages: High installation cost.
Utility index ★★★★

Generator Accessaries

When using a generator, you may be in a mess and inevitably run out of generator accessories. Here I recommend some useful generator accessaries. So you can put them in hand when faced with emergent situation such as flood or big fire.