How to choose a generator power cord

Feb 13, '20

Portable generators are of great importance for domestic and business needs as you have access to the power anytime.

The phenomenon it works on is quiet similar to that of a petrol engine but there are some essential specifications to receive maximum voltage.

Power cord is one of those hardware specifications that can directly affect the output voltage you receive. Here is a step-by-step guide to choosing and using a generator extension cord:

Step #1. Select the Right Amps for your Cord

The first step to choosing a generator extension cord is to look at the amps through which generator extension codes are actually measured.

There’s a simple thumb rule to follow -  the larger the apms, the more electricity the cord can handle.

Make sure you go for a cord that has enough amperes to handle your electricity flow. On an average, a 50-amp cord works good for basic domestic and commercial needs.

Step #2. Select the right generator Cord Shape

As you finalize the right amps for your cord, you have to choose the right generator cord shape:

We have 3-prong, 4-prong, twist-lock and straight-blade as the type for direct cords. You can choose any of them depending on the shape your generator has got.

Usually for the domestic use generators, we have 3-prong and 4-prong cord shapes as these can handle upto 30 amps. While for business and commercial needs, we have Twist-Lock and Straight-Blade as these can handle about 50 amperes easily.

Step #3. Pluggin In

After you have chosen the right amps and right shape for your generator cord, the next thing is about plugging in.

Before you connect your appliances, double-check that the generator cord is undamaged and is safe to use. A damaged cord can result in electric shock.

As you proceed with the above measures, you simply have to plugin the cord and voila, it is all set to transfer power. Let’s talk about the best generator cord available:

BougeRV High Duty Generator Cord

BougeRV has been manufacturing quality electric tools and heavy duty stuff for quite a long time. Its high duty generator cord is simply a fine choice for your electric generator.

Here’s what BougeRV high duty generator cord offers:

  • Twist and Lock Design: The cord is designed with lock structure so you just have to plugin and it gets locked, it won’t fall of due to external resistance.
  • Safe Length: About length, it can extend your power supply up to 20ft which saves you from hazardous generator exhaust.